Biotech Builders Group offers specialized construction services for life sciences and pharmaceutical companies. 

Services we offer are:



Biotech Builders Group expertise and planning in pre-construction help to set the stage for our client’s successful projects by performing the following:

  • Meeting with all project stakeholders to clearly define the project goals and critical components (i.e. costs, lead times, etc).
  • Communication and collaboration with design and ownership teams
  • “Constructability” review of design and need to take schedule, logistics and cost into consideration during Design Development phase.
  • Provide estimating and subcontractor/vendor feedback on cost and lead times of various project components during design phase.
  • Review system User Requirements Specifications vs. General Arrangement & Piping Instrumentation Drawings to ensure both in agreement.
  • Establish Factory Acceptance Test vs. Site Acceptance Test matrix for equipment.
  • Develop BIM project execution plan with Owner, design team and subcontractors.
  • Develop permitting matrix with responsible party & milestone date required.
  • Develop preliminary Commissioning Test Plan and system start-up road maps for subcontractor buyout strategy.
  • Buyout Building Management System/Process Control System contractors early in the process to incorporate IQ and OQ requirements into systems development.
  • Develop Turn Over Package plan
  • Decisions on pre-fab vs. conventional construction opportunities.
  • Develop build-clean protocol for inclusion in subcontractor buyout.
  • Establish Certificate of Occupancy requirements matrix and designate roles, responsibilities & schedule.
  • Assist Owner in finalizing commitments on any leased equipment which may affect schedule (i.e. bulk gas storage systems).


Building Safe

Biotech Builders Group brings the same dedication to jobsite safety as we do in all other aspects of our projects. All our employees are OSHA certified and we use our years of experience to identify, control and prevent any EH&S incidents before they happen. All employees on BBG jobsites are encouraged to come forward with any questions or concerns about how to accomplish their daily tasks in a safe & efficient manner.

  • Develop site-specific safety plans which are coordinated with our site logistics plans. These will usually evolve with the project as construction progresses and are communicated to the entire project team on a regular basis.
  • Partner with our subcontractors to develop Pre-Task Plans that are less cumbersome and more user-friendly than others in the construction industry. We at BBG pride ourselves on listening rather than preaching to our building partners.
  • BBG has achieved high grades in ISNetworld & ConstructSecure (Safety pre-qualification program that the pharmaceutical industry relies on). Also utilize these programs to pre-qualify our subcontractor team.

Building Smart

Biotech Builders Group staff consists of seasoned professionals who bring their field expertise to all aspects of the construction process. Our staff is pro-active not re-active as they have learned through their years of experience how to plan to avoid potential pitfalls that can be common on many construction projects. Pharmaceutical projects are typically heavily concentrated with system utilities and our project teams understand how to build these projects from both a safety & quality perspective.

  • Develop site interior & exterior logistics plans detailing work area safe access, workflow, phasing, etc. Maintain a clean and uncluttered job site by coordination of JIT deliveries of building materials.
  • Utilize full project schedule and subcontractor feedback to produce detailed 3-week look ahead work schedules.
  • Institute job site QC program with in-situ mock-ups and end-user reviews.
  • Conduct weekly collaborative subcontractor meetings.

Start -Up/Commissioning

Biotech Builders Group brings years of experience to the laboratory /manufacturing facility start-up and commissioning process. We utilize start-up checklists and performance specifications for all vendor and system equipment to facilitate IQ and OQ checkout:

  • Work with subcontractors, engineers, facility personnel & commissioning agents by conducting system walk-downs, schedule and oversee specified system testing and assist in the execution of Commissioning Test Plans.
  • Develop start-up plans for system(s) filling, testing and energization of utilities and equipment in a safe manner (utilizing P&ID boundaries, required LOTO, etc.).
  • Plan required passivation process equipment requirements and any temporary hose/piping routing.
  • Leverage commissioning check-out worksheets for system validation (ASTM E2500).


Biotech Builders Group has provided consulting services to other Construction Managers as well as Life Science clients over the past several years on various projects. BBG personnel have become an extension of those respective staffs in order to perform construction and startup services on their behalf.